Hello everyone and welcome back to the Kristen Kate Photography Blog!

I’m so excited to be writing my first proper post, I know It’s been a long time coming at this point but we made it! I thought what better way to start off than by talking about one of the first things you and your partner will experience once you decide to work with me – your engagement shoot! In particular I’m going to be talking about one I did recently with an incredible couple, Sarah and Al.

This photo is the property of the owner of ‘Kristen Kate Photography’, Kristen Morris.

Engagement shoots themselves are great for a number of reasons, personally it allows me to experiment with a number of different techniques and editing styles so that I know which will work best for you on your big day. And for you and your fiancΓ©e, you both get some beautiful photos of yourself together as a couple that you can keep as memories or even use on invitations and save the date cards! They also serve as an amazing opportunity for us all to get to know each other if we haven’t been able to arrange a meeting before this point for any reason.

What I like to do for engagement shoots is agree with a couple beforehand on the location of their shoot and then arrive about an hour before them to scope out the areas I think would be perfect backdrops for shots, that way when the couple arrives I know exactly where we’re going and we can jump right in to the shoot! With Sarah and Al, this location was St Leonards church – the venue where they would also be holding their wedding ceremony! Looking into the space I learned that this was a quaint but stunning and intimate venue, so before even seeing the location in person I knew I’d be able to capture some stunning images!

This photo is the property of the owner of ‘Kristen Kate Photography’, Kristen Morris.

         As for Sarah and Al themselves, they had previously told me that they were vegan. This little tid bit of info about them already had my cogs turning about that styles I’d be considering for the shoot. They clearly had a deep respect for nature, and I knew that I wanted the images to reflect that in some way. Fortunately for me, when I arrived at St Leonards, I discovered it was surrounded by absolutely beautiful gardens and fields that would lend themselves perfectly to this style of shot.

         Through the time I’d spent with them leading up to this shoot they had been some of the most fun and genuine people I have met on the job and were a complete joy to work with. With this in mind I knew I needed to portray their wonderful personalities within the images. As for the raw images themselves, this couldn’t have been easier! The rapport we’d built as client and photographer meant that Sarah and Al were comfortable enough around me that they took naturally to the camera with only a little direction from me, making for naturally joyful images. When it came to the edit, I made sure to really accentuate the colours within the images to reflect their personalities which brought out some beautiful results, I hope you can agree!

         Now I think I should sign off here before this post becomes too long but be sure to keep an eye out on the blog in the future as I’m sure Sarah and Al will appear again when their wedding day has come around!

         Don’t forget to leave me a comment down below if you want to continue the discussion any further, and be sure to check back next week where we’ll be discussing one of my favourite venues!